Back to School Prep.

FOUR more weeks until the start of school! There are so many mixed emotions as we approach a new school year. Here are some practical tips to do before the start of the school year! 

1. Practice Lunch: Lunch is only 20 minutes long with a 20 minute recess afterwards. Pack your child’s lunch and have them practice opening everything in their lunch box, and eating everything in the time frame.

2. Go school supply shopping together! Do this sooner than later.. with most schools going back next week, most of the school supplies will be picked over by September. Use this time to enjoy the final days of summer with your child. Maybe a stop at Culver’s for lunch or an ice cream treat afterwards! 

3. Start the school bedtime routine. I know the summer schedule causes my kids to get to bed later and later… start practicing the bedtime routine at the time you want them to be in bed when school starts! 10-12 hours of sleep at night is recommended for school aged children! If your child wakes up at 7am, they need to be going to bed by 7-9pm for a good nights’ rest. 

4. Make sure your child feels comfortable going to the bathroom completely by themselves. Everything from unbuttoning their pants, to wiping, to flushing, and WASHING their hands!! Practice this at home so they are confident at school! 

5. Lastly, talk to your child! What are they excited about? Nervous about? Walk them through what they might do during the school day. 

We look forward to having all of our Solid Rock family at our Back to School Cookout at the end of the month!! Make sure to bring your backpacks full of your supplies to “unpack” in your classroom! 

See you all in a few weeks!