The History Behind


There’s no clear beginning to the story behind our school, as the idea of a private school for children to build a solid worldview centered around the Bible has been something many of our parents have been thinking and praying about since 2020.

With many prayers and wisdom shared by our local community, Clinton and Maria Leman stepped out in faith and purchased a building that we now call our school. Thanks for all the prayers along the way!

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Meet The Director

I was committed to be a teacher since I was 8 years old. I remember asking for teaching supplies for my birthday and Christmas, making my friends sit in garage-sale wooden desks, and planning lessons and activities for my imaginary students. In high school, I worked at a daycare during the school year, and during the summer created a camp for kids. In college, I started a preschool program in an orphanage in Mexico, and volunteered for a summer school in Jamaica. After graduating from ISU in 2014, I taught at Washington Middle school, 5th grade, for three years. Then in 2017 my husband Clinton and I brought our first son home from the hospital. We are now blessed with three boys, Reef (5), Arbor (3), and Kai (1).

To say teaching has always been a passion is an understatement. I know the benefits of having my children in a school and social setting, but cautious of the way the public schools are headed. Solid Rock is an answered prayer – a space for our children to get a great education with a Christian foundation. Best of both worlds!

~Maria Leman


What Parents Say

I’m so excited for this option in our community for our girls! God is opening big doors and I am so thankful. We are looking forward to our children attending!


We wholeheartedly agree with the mission statement of Solid Rock Christian Academy. We want our son to have a solid biblical foundation with a biblical world-view and understanding.


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Top Admission Questions.
Top Admission Questions.

1. What does the admission process look like? You can begin the admission process by contacting us directly requesting more info, or pre-registering online via our “Enroll Now” portal. After that you will receive our handbook, family expectations, and official…

School Renovations.
School Renovations.

We immediately fell in love with the location of our school when the property went up for sale. Located close to the edge of town, it was in Morton with enough acreage to add on in the future if necessary.…

Activities this Summer.
Activities this Summer.

5 Summer activities in our area for the whole family! 1. Summer Reading Program: Every Library will be starting their summer reading program. Check out your local library to sign up. Reading to your child all summer is a HUGE…