Back to School Cookout.

Last Friday evening we had our first annual “Back to School Cookout”. It was such a blessing to have most of our families at the cookout to celebrate the start of the school year! The school board provided the food for the evening. Thank you to the school board! Every year we plan to have all the students, their families, and their grandparents at the Back to School Cookout to break in the first day jitters. 

We welcomed everyone, introduced our school board, and then Mrs. Haworth (our very first teacher!) shared a few words. We enjoyed brats, hotdogs, mac and cheese, fruit, and chips together as a Solid Rock family. Part of our mission is to unify all of our families in one mission of raising our children in a biblically sound world- starting with a firm foundation at school. The back to school cookout is an excellent way to practice part of our mission.

After dinner, we handed out class shirts and took our first class picture (minus a few). Then, the students walked into their classroom for the first time. Their excitement was contagious! The students unpacked their backpacks at their desks and were able to explore their Kindergarten classroom. Mrs. Haworth had a welcome letter for the parents and a fun little surprise for the students! 

We ended the night with DQ for everyone back outside in the backyard. The students are so excited for our school year to start and we are too! 7 more days!