Volunteer Roles.

There are several volunteer opportunities at Solid Rock. Part of our school mission is to make our tuition affordable, so in order to do that we require families to participate in volunteering throughout the school year! There are weekly, monthly, and yearly volunteer options for families – we can find a role for everyone. This is just a short list of all the opportunities families can be involved at Solid Rock. At the beginning of the year, you are assigned a position that you take on for the entire year, with more families involved the volunteer roles will become just half a year. We base the families volunteer role on interest, talent, and availability. We like to work with your schedule too!

Weekly Opportunities: 

Teacher Aide: This is a more time-consuming role, as one parent assists the teacher in her room twice a week for 2 hours. She makes copies, reads one on one with students, takes the students for a 10 minute snack/recess break, as well as many other things! 

P.E. Teacher: This position requires energy and some prep work. We have a curriculum you follow with several different goals for the students to achieve throughout the year. This position is 30 minutes / twice a week. We work with your schedule of the days/times that work for you and the teacher. 

Lunch/Recess Monitor: This position is twice a week for 40 minutes. The volunteer is responsible for helping with lunch and then monitoring recess. This requires no prep… but a lot of energy. 

Cleaning: This role is perfect for dual-working families. Cleaning takes about 1.5 hours on regular weeks and 2 hours on deep clean weeks. The volunteer is responsible for keeping our school nice and clean, they can clean any day between Thursday after school until Sunday night. 

Monthly/Yearly Opportunities: 

Lawn Care/Maintenance of the Building: This family is responsible for the maintenance and repair around and in the building, as well as the lawn care. There is more than one family responsible for this. 

Field Trip Coordinator: We have field trips throughout the year and this volunteer is responsible for coordinating with the teacher on educational field trips that can be taken throughout the year. 

Servant Day Planner: Solid Rock loves to volunteer around the community! This family coordinates different service projects throughout the year for the students to participate in. 

Christmas/Spring Program: This family coordinates with the Music teacher and the school teachers to create a program, and then helps organize refreshments for the programs. 

Holiday Party Planner: We have several Holiday parties throughout the school year. (Fall party, Christmas Party, Valentines Party, Easter Party) These volunteers schedule a fun party for the students to participate in! 

Human Resources: This family help our HR director with any roles they need help with (writing thank yous, stuffing fundraiser letters…etc) 

These are just a FEW things that our families participate in. When we have Events or Fundraisers it is ALL hands on deck! We are so grateful for our families and all they do to help our school be successful! We love having all the families involved.. it is truly a Solid Rock Community.