Tips Before Kindergarten.

Kindergarten is starting at Solid Rock in a few short weeks and we are so excited! We put together a list of FIVE helpful tips to jumpstart the school year.

1. Go on a date with your Kindergartener! It’s so fun for them to pick out their school supplies – a backpack, a lunch box, pencils, etc. Then take them out to lunch! This is such a special way to celebrate this next step of independence they are taking in the next few weeks! Cherish the moments with them before they begin their school years.

2. Work on personal hygiene! We suggest practicing washing hands WITH soap for the appropriate amount of time, drying their hands, wiping their own bottoms, and reminding your child that they can ask the teacher for help and that is OKAY! 

3. Practice “lunch/recess” at home! Fill up your child’s lunch box with lunch items, then at lunch pull out those lunch boxes and set a timer for 20 minutes. Did the Uncrustable thaw like you thought it would? Can your child open the tricky cheese stick wrapper? What about the ziplock bag that you put the grapes in? What do you do with the leftover food? 

4. This might be a favorite – read a couple books to your child when you have some free moments in the day. Reading is so beneficial and important in all stages of life… Ask questions throughout the book, can your child listen, pay attention, and comprehend the story? Enjoy these last summer nights by cuddling up and reading a good book! 

5. Just have fun!! It’s always a good idea to do a few last minute summer bucket list ideas. See my post on summer activities in our area for a few last minute ideas. Go out for ice cream, bike ride to the park, play outside… enjoy the flexibly of summer! 

6. Bonus tip: Practice going to bed a little earlier… these summer nights have us staying up wayyyy too late and waking up wayyyy too late!

We are excited for these Kindergarteners to learn at Solid Rock. And as always, if you have any questions or concerns as the school year approaches, please reach out!