How We Communicate.

Here are just some of the ways we stay in communication with our parents at Solid Rock: 

1. Seesaw: Each classroom has a Seesaw account that parents get connected to at Back-To-School night.  Seesaw is a private social media app where teachers can post pictures of class activities, send private messages to parents, and share weekly announcements. Parents can also comment, like, and send private messages to the teacher as well! 

2. Parent-Teacher Conferences: Every November we have Parent-Teacher conferences. We feel that by November we have a grasp on where your child is at academically and can share what they are learning and their progress!! We are also able to explain the skill-based report card that will be given to parents at the end of the first Trimester (at the end of November). This is a great time to connect with parents and hear their concerns and thoughts as well! 

3. Monthly Emails: Every month our director sends out a monthly email with important announcements, dates, and notes. This is usually a full newsletter and an important one at that! 

4. Social Media. Lastly, we are very active on our social media. Parents and grandparents can see what we are doing in the classroom and what a daily school life looks like by following us there too!