How God is Being Removed from Schools.

God is being removed out of the curriculum, the standards, and everything in between in schools across our nation. Children are being taught that truth is your own – whatever you make your truth to be. The future generation is being taught that boys can be girls and girls can be boys, math is subjective, etc. The children of our nation are spending 30 plus hours a week in a building that teaches no absolute truth. At five years old, our children are very impressionable, moldable, and eager to trust and learn whatever they are taught. Our children need to be grounded and surrounded in Biblical truth.

Our Country was founded on laws that aligned with the 10 Commandments. Sixty years ago, the Supreme Court ruled prayer in school is unconstitutional. As years pass since then, more and more events happen that pressure schools to take God completely out of the picture, changing what our Country was founded on. (According to Some examples of this include:

In Jackson, Mississippi, they were told they couldn’t pray at any school functions or they would face a possible lawsuit.

In Poteet, Texas, an atheist filed a lawsuit when a High School graduation ceremony started and ended with a prayer. 

In Bellingham, Massachusetts, the schools were required to change the song lyrics “God Bless the USA” to “We Love the USA.” 

In Boston, the schools have removed “Under God” from their pledge completely, across the entire city.

At Solid Rock, we strive to keep God at the cornerstone of our school. We start our day with prayer. Math, Science, Social studies, and Reading all revolve around Biblical truth. Our desire and goal is for each student who leaves Solid Rock Christian Academy to have a firm foundation with a Biblical worldview.