Why is Phonics so important?

“According to the Merriam-Webster-Webster dictionary, there are around 470,000 entries within the English language. Compare this with the Spanish language’s reported number of words, around 93,000.”(Findel-international.com)

The English language is very complex and there are a lot of words for children to learn. This is where the knowledge of Phonics is so important!  At Solid Rock we focus primarily on Phonics in the early grades to help build the foundation of the English language. 

Phonics is the process of identifying letters and the sounds that accompanies that letter to decode words. There are 3 stages to Phonics: learning the 44 phonemes, blending the phonemes to create graphemes, and lastly segmenting, learning to break down a word. Phonics allows children to break down and decode words, so whatever word they come across in reading they are able to decode it. Phonics may be a slower process for learning to read, but having the right tools to read will benefit your child for many years to come!