Solid Rock’s New Year Goals

Solid Rock is ringing in the new year with some great goals! A new year is a perfect time to reflect on how God has blessed us in the last year and trust that He will provide for us in 2023. We have goals for our building, for the education of our students, spiritual goals, and community goals. 

Goal ONE: Getting Building Occupancy.

As you all know by now, the building has been taking longer than expected and to receive a building occupancy permit is close on the horizon! In the next few months we pray we can pass the inspection and receive our occupancy permit so the students can officially be in our school building. 

Goal Two: Our students will continue achieving grade standards.

Mrs. Haworth and the students have been working so hard to achieve grade standards and above and beyond – they will continue this until the end of the school year! 

Goal Three: Successful Fundraisers.

We have several costs that are not paid for by our tuition fees in order to keep tuition affordable for parents. We rely on fundraisers and donations to help offset these costs! This year because of the cost of the building and the renovation, we obviously have more costs. Our goal is to have successful and well-marketed fundraisers to get the whole community involved! 

Goal Four: Open Enrollment for K-3rd for the Fall of 2023.

We are excited to announce the additional 2/3rd grade class that will be opening this upcoming Fall. We have had lots of interest and we feel led to move forward with opening more classes. If you know of someone interested in enrolling in K-3rd this Fall, please reach out to us. It is our goal to have 12-15 students per class this upcoming school year. 

Goal Five: Professional development for our teachers.

Last year we had the opportunity to attend one conference for small Private Christian Schools. This year we plan to take several opportunities to give our teachers more professional development. Having more teachers in the building will help too!  

Goal Six: Bible memory for the whole school.

This is something I wanted to implement sooner, but have not yet. This year the students will be memorizing one verse every month- this will be a whole school challenge! “Thy Word have I hid in thine heart!”- Psalm 119:11

Goal Seven: Increased focus on students displaying the Fruits of the Spirit.

The students already strive to show Fruits of the Spirit at school. We plan to increase the focus on this and encourage students to not only display these Fruits at school, but at home and in their community as well! 

Goal Eight: Solid Rock Community growing closer together.

We are blessed with such an amazing community thus far, and pray that we can use this community this year to grow closer to God and then each other as well. 

Goal Nine: Increased focus on serving others.

We have had two servant days as a school already last Fall, and have two more planned for this upcoming Spring. We pray our students will see the joy in sharing Christ’s light while they serve others. We are planning on serving at Midwest Food Bank on February 14th and April 11th with the Kindergarteners. 

Goal Ten: Start a Scholarship program for families that need financial assistance.

We want all children to be able to attend Solid Rock if that is the family’s desire. Money should not be a barrier for a Christian education in today’s world. We have started the process for the scholarship program and now are looking for donors that want to donate in this way. Once we have enough donations in this area we can start a scholarship program application for those families that would like to apply. Our goal is to have this program ready by Fall of 2023. 

Thank you for reading along with our goals for this year. Some are harder to achieve than others and some we are already doing well! We pray you all have a blessed New Year!