Solid Rock’s Curriculum.

Our school board voted and decided on using Masterbooks as our main curriculum, while supplementing other materials where needed. Masterbooks is a “Charlotte Mason” approach to learning.  Charlotte Mason education believes that educators should educate the whole person, not just the mind. In her words, Charlotte stated, “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, and a Life.” Atmosphere meaning a child’s family and upbringing, Discipline meaning the character of the child, and lastly, the Life meaning learning academics in our living world. 

We choose a curriculum with the Charlotte Mason approach because at Solid Rock we value teaching the whole person – character is just as important as academics. We want our students to thrive and be successful, but also want them to have integrity and be honest Christian young men and women. Masterbooks also has scripture and Biblical truths woven throughout the curriculum as well as a separate Bible course. In Kindergarten the students will be studying the characteristics of God.  

Charlotte also emphasized the importance of language, reading, and nature. In all subjects, students are encouraged to narrate back what was read, to restate, and make connections. Students also will be reading several books to learn about different topics instead of textbooks. Charlotte was also passionate about nature. In her curriculums she used nature to enhance the learning experience with hands-on projects, experiments, and discoveries. 

We are so excited to start using Masterbooks at Solid Rock. The rich texts, hands-on experiments, and whole person learning is a great way to start our Kindergarteners’ education experience! If you have any questions about our curriculum decision or are interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to reach out.