Bippert Family Spotlight.

We are excited to introduce another special family at Solid Rock – the Bipperts! Justin and Brenna’s son, Drew, is currently in our Kindergarten class and such a huge part of our Solid Rock family!

Tell us a little about your family.

We are the Bipperts! (and Bloyds!) My name is Brenna, my husband is Justin and our son, Drew, is 6 and attends Solid Rock. My mother, Pam Bloyd, is also a part of our household and is involved with volunteering at Solid Rock. I work for Caterpillar as a Project Manager and my husband is a Supervisor at FedEx. This summer, we will celebrate our 10-year anniversary! Since Justin and I work full-time, my mom is very involved with our son, both at home and at the school. What a blessing! As a family, we enjoy vacationing, playing card and board games, and watching Drew learn and play different sports through our town’s athletic association. This past Winter, he played his first year of basketball, and this Summer will be his second year of tee-ball/baseball. He is also finishing his first year of Trail Life and is excited for his upcoming badge ceremony!

What is your favorite part or what excites you most about Solid Rock? 

We love that Christ is the center of every subject taught. The small class size allows for individualized teaching instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. A small school also gives more opportunity to meet and build Christ-centered relationships with other parents. So thankful to have met and formed bonds with other like-minded mom and dads!

What is your child’s favorite part of school? 

Recess and Spanish. Drew will randomly quiz us on our Spanish word knowledge! lol!

What does your child want to be when he grows up? 

A pastor! I pray Solid Rock further grows this desire in his little heart. What a joy it would be to see our son shepherding a flock toward Jesus!

What is your family’s volunteer role at Solid Rock? 

We monitor lunch/recess two days a week and are part of the field trip committee. My mom, Pam, volunteers on days I need to work in the office.

What is your go-to family favorite dinner? 

Drew loves spaghetti or anything that involves noodles! We also love our Friday night pizza/movie/game night!

What is a character trait you want to instill in your children? 

There are many character traits we want to instill in Drew, but some we feel passionate about are honesty, boldness and kindness. With the growing hostility toward Christianity in America, these three traits are absolutely necessary to stand firm in the faith and proclaim the name of Jesus to a nation who desperately needs Him.

What would be a perfect family day for your family? 

Perfect family day would consist of summer weather, swimming and snow cones or ice cream, shooting hoops in our driveway or playing catch when it starts to cool off in the evening. Drew loves Mario, so finishing the day playing a Mario game on the Nintendo Switch would be the perfect ending.

What is your advice to families that are on the fence about sending their child to Solid Rock? 

I would prayerfully consider Solid Rock. Nothing is more important than building your house on the rock that stands. While a child’s biggest influence should come from their home, who we trust to shepherd our children outside the home is nearly as important. At Solid Rock, you will not have to worry about what your child is being taught. Parental involvement is welcome and encouraged, and transparency is provided in all aspects of schooling. We are so grateful to have found a place to send our son for his education that aligns with what we believe!

We hope you loved getting to know the Bipperts, and all of our Family Spotlights this year! We look forward to another school year with these Kindergarten boys next year! To God be the Glory!