A Pathway to Conversation.

Most parents struggle getting children to talk about their school day, especially if you have boys! Here are some tips to get your child to start talking (and maybe never stop!) about their day! 

1. Give them a break after school.

They just spent 6-7 hours using their brain at full capacity. Their little brains need a break. Enjoy a healthy snack together that involves a little protein and a little natural sugar… our go-to after school snack is apples and peanut butter. 

2. After a good snack, have your child do something for themselves.

What is their favorite thing to do to relax? Art and crafts, riding a bike, playing in the dirt, reading/listening to a book? They might want to be alone or with you – just ask and see what they prefer. It helps our family to have a virtual list of after-school-relax options. 

3. Now try to have a little chat!

After all that your child will most likely be ready to talk about their day! Figure out your child’s sweet spot – it might be an hour or two after school or it might be while you go for a walk or play a game together. Another option is right before bedtime! Of course, every child is different too. 

4. Ask specific questions.

Instead of “How was your day?” or “Did you have fun?” try narrowing down your question. Here are some examples below. We recommend not asking all of them though – your child might disown you for that. 😉

  • What was a highlight or a favorite part at school today? 
  • What was the coolest thing you learned today in….. (ex)science, math, reading? 
  • Who did you play with at recess? 
  • Did anything make you sad today? 
  • Who were you kind to today? 
  • Did Mrs. Haworth read a book today? What was it about? 
  • What song did you sing in Music? 
  • What game did you in PE? 
  • What did you learn during curiosity time? 
  • What is your Bible memory verse this month? 

Knowing a few things about their day helps narrow down the specific questions – for example knowing the Kindergarteners have music on Mondays, and PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays help get those specific questions narrowed down.

I hope this is a good starting list of how to ask questions and engage with your child after school!! Conversation with your children is so important as they grow.