Jenkins Family Spotlight.

It’s been so fun for us to get to know our Solid Rock families a little better as we have gone through this School year! We aren’t done yet! The Jenkins’ family was interviewed this time and we hope you enjoy getting to know them better as well.

Tell us a little about your family.

We are Jon and Heather Jenkins and we will celebrate our 8th anniversary in May. Jon runs his family business and I get to stay home with our 3 kids. Jackson is 6 and loves riding his bike, building Legos, and playing games. William is 3 and spends his days coloring, playing Paw Patrol, and reading books with mommy. Emma is 1.5 years and adores her brothers and wants to do everything they do! 

Why did your family choose Solid Rock?

I grew up attending a Christian school and am so thankful for the foundation that gave me. We knew we wanted to approach education with a biblical worldview for our kids and we were in the process looking into the other local Christian schools when we heard about Solid Rock. We loved that they were committed to small class sizes, encouraged parental involvement, and had a curriculum based on God’s Word. 

What is your favorite part or what excites you most about Solid Rock?

We love watching Jackson excited to go to school each day! We couldn’t ask for a better community of families who are raising their boys to have similar values. It has been an answer to prayer finding families who are standing firm on God’s Word and aren’t willing to compromise to the culture around us . We pray that these boys will build friendships where they will encourage and sharpen each other over the years. 

What is your child’s favorite part of school?

PE. Is there any other answer for a 6 year old boy? Art comes in at a close second though.

What does your child want to be when he grows up?

Jackson wants to be a police officer so he can help people. 

What is your go-to family favorite dinner?

Spaghetti: but we call it “noodles and sauce” because we rarely use spaghetti noodles and switch between fun shapes like bow tie, elbow, and spirals. 

What is a character trait you want to instill in your children?

Kindness. We always tell them it doesn’t matter how smart they are or how talented they are, it’s how kind they are and how they treat others that matters. 

What would be a perfect family day for your family?

If the boys got to pick, their perfect family day would be the a trip to Bass Pro to play at the arcade and then eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Add in a walk/bike ride to the park to play and finish the day with watching a show at home before bed. 

What is your advice to families that are on the fence about sending their child to Solid Rock?

While there are several good options for Christian schools in our area, what sets Solid Rock apart is the individualized attention your child will get with smaller class sizes. The teacher is able to truly get to know each student and focus on their strengths while helping them grow in areas where they aren’t naturally as strong. Also, we love having Fridays off! We get an extra day to spend together. 

We love having the Jenkins in our community of Solid Rock families! A big thanks to Heather for taking the time for this interview!