Our Top Reasons to Consider Solid Rock.

Your child’s education is up there on the list of the most important decisions you will have to make with and for your child. There are so many options to choose from, and knowing what is the perfect fit for your family can be hard! Here are ten important things that Solid Rock can provide for your family:

1. Well-rounded Curriculum

We love the curriculum we diligently chose for Solid Rock because of its ability to challenge each student at their own level. The curriculum we use is woven with biblical truths, basic biblical principles, and Christ-like characteristics we should all be working towards. We also love that Masterbooks integrates God’s creation into all of the subjects. Hillsdale, our history curriculum, teaches our students the importance of historical facts and appreciation for our country. Singapore Math challenges our students to be problem solvers and to think about math as a story and not just numbers on a page. 

2. A teacher that models Christian values, morals, and beliefs 

Some might think we are “too picky” when hiring our teachers, but we believe that is exactly how we should be. After all, our teachers are spending a lot of time with our children. Through the interview process we want to be sure our teachers stand behind our mission, our morals, and our beliefs. We also interview their lead pastor/minister at the teacher’s church, to make sure our teacher walks the Christian walk. Our favorite part of the interview process is when Solid Rock’s Director has the teacher and their spouse over for dinner, it’s a wonderful way to get to know our teacher in a more casual way as well. 

3. Children learn valuable life skills.

The beauty of our children being in a safe classroom setting is that they learn skills that they will use for a lifetime. In the real world students will have to work with others that are not their siblings, and at Solid Rock they have the opportunity to work through problems with a Christian foundation. They learn patience in waiting for other children to finish, teamwork, how to help others that might be struggling, how to speak in front of others… all skills that are needed in the real world. 

4. Children learn to respect adults that are not their parents

This is just another reason why we take hiring our teacher so seriously. Throughout the day our teacher is able to direct our children in a Godly way. We love that our students can learn new rules and new routines from someone that we trust to have the same goals as us; academically and spiritually. In the real world, students will have to know how to listen, respond, and respect their employers and coworkers, so this is practice for when our children are in the work force. 

5. Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes will continue to be a top priority for our school. We want each child to get the individual attention they deserve in order to thrive. Whether your child needs to be challenged or whether your child is struggling, we will meet your child where they are at. 

6. Daily Prayer

Another bonus of Solid Rock is that we are able to begin our day with prayer. I am not sure of a better way to start the day!! Students take turns praying for the school day and again at noon for lunch.

7. Low Technology

At Solid Rock we believe the use of individual tablets/iPads are not necessary for students to learn in the classroom. We believe students do not need to be overstimulated with screen time. Students will learn how to create documents, slides, and excel sheets in the older grades, but unnecessary individual tablet/app time is not practiced at Solid Rock. 

8. Positive Peers

All the families that apply to be enrolled at Solid Rock go through an interview process. Each family is interviewed and asked questions that help us better understand if their family has the same mission and values as Solid Rock. If all our families have the same mission we know that the children will be guided in the mission at home, to the best of their abilities. This encourages positive and strong Christian friendships to last for a lifetime among our Solid Rock Community. 

9. Teachers and staff are able to discipline in a Godly manner

Students are encouraged to confess sin, repent for their actions, and then practice forgiveness. Not only is this a valuable life skill, but teaching students this simple process will also benefit them when they make the individualistic important step in their lives to follow Jesus.

10. Parental Involvement 

At Solid Rock, parents not only have the opportunity, but are strongly encouraged to be involved and volunteer on a weekly basis to be a part of their child’s education. Some of the volunteer positions presented are classroom aide, fundraising manager, grounds keeper, lunch/recess monitor, and art teacher. Several positions are available and we are flexible with your schedule. We love having this community to raise our children together. 

Please reach out to us at: Hello@solidrockchristianacademy.org to learn more ways on how Solid Rock Christian Academy is a good fit for your family!