Fourth of July Traditions.

It’s time for all things Red, White, and Blue! Cue in songs like God Bless America, America the Beautiful, and The Star Spangled Banner and cue in words such as hot, sweaty, sunny, iced lemonade, watermelon, and brats. 

Have you guessed one of our favorite holidays yet? Fourth of July is a wonderful mid-summer holiday to celebrate our country! We pray daily for this Nation that God has placed us in – may we continue to preserve the Liberty and Freedom He has blessed us with!

Here are some fun family traditions and activities you can implement into your weekend celebration:

1. Fresh Lemonade. Get out all the lemons, ice, and sugar and have fun with the kids squeezing each lemon – there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the first sip! Check out our recipe here!

2. Homemade Ice Cream. If this is a family tradition, you probably have your own ice cream maker! I grew up with my Grandpa making homemade ice cream every Fourth of July – it’s still nostalgic for me today!

3. Sparklers and “pops”. This is a must for the kiddos – with adult supervision of course. 🙂 

4. Morton’s July 3rd Family Fireworks at McClallen Park. After all, what’s Fourth of July without the fireworks?

5. Peoria Fourth of July Parade. Don’t miss this display of love for our Country!

6. Water. Spend the day with family and friends at the lake, the pool, or in your backyard with a sprinkler! In the heat of the Summer, water is a must for the Fourth of July. Then enjoy a potluck picnic together with your pandora set to a Patriotic station. 

We hope you have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend!