Book Series Reviews.

Summer has begun and summer reading programs have started but now you are at a loss for what books to read with or to your child. Our family loves to read book series because then you always know what book to read next!

Some of our favorite book series are Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, Dead Sea Squirrels, the Secret of the Hidden Scrolls, Henry and Ribsy, and Little House on the Prairie. All these books are great for reading aloud to your 4-8 year old or reading independent if your child is a confident reader. 

Magic Tree House: A series about a magic treehouse that takes a brother and sister on adventures to foreign lands, back in time, or underwater!

Boxcar Children: A story about 4 orphaned children that make a home in a train boxcar, where their adventure begins. 

Dead Sea Squirrels: A series about two squirrels that have been preserved in a Cave near the Dead Sea. When they come alive they explain they were last alive during Jesus’s time! They share stories about our Savior… from a squirrel perspective. 

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Another brother and sister adventure series, where Mary, Peter, and their dog Hank travel back to Bible times! 

Henry and Ribsy: An adventure series about a boy and his dog going on adventures and getting into trouble because of Henry and his dog’s clumsiness. 

Little House on the Prairie: A series about a little girl Laura and her family living the pioneer life. A wonderful series that illustrates the challenges living in America’s frontier past. 

What are your family favorite book series? We would love to hear your family favorites and add them to our recommendation list!