Safety at Solid Rock.

Students’ safety is a top priority of ours at Solid Rock. Safety was a major concern when we purchased the older building and safety remains a concern today with the current events happening in our country. Therefore we have set in place several protocols for various “what ifs” that could potentially happen during a school day. Here are the three major areas of safety that we focus and train our staff on: Fire, Storm, and Intruder Safety. 

We have several fire exits throughout the building. Morton’s Fire Marshall was very diligent in making sure all the students would have appropriate exits based on age. For example, the 5th graders won’t use the same exit as the Kindergarteners. This required adding several more exit doors to the building, but our student’s safety is worth the cost. We also have a sprinkler system in place throughout the entire building, along with several fire extinguishers, all required by the City of Morton and up-to-date on Fire Code. The fire panel and sprinkler system has been tested and approved.

Our building already had a great storm shelter in place! This storm shelter can hold up to 50 students. Once we max out this number we will build another storm shelter to accommodate everyone.

As for intruders, our school has several cameras on site; inside and outside with live and recorded video monitoring. Our school doors are locked at all times for the safety of our students. All of our teachers have a panic button in their possession and when pushed will automatically set off an alarm, alert the Morton Police, and the Director of the School all at the same time.

We will continue to pray over our students and our staff that they will be safe and this building will bring glory to God.