Our Mission.

Shepherd our students throughout the day in a biblically SOLID curriculum.

Guide our students to stand on the SOLID rock, and to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Teach our students the core subjects, in the most natural way they learn, starting with a SOLID foundation.

Prepare our students to have a SOLID worldview.


I have been “teaching” since I was 8 years old. I remember asking for teaching supplies for my birthday and Christmas, making my friends sit in garage-sale wooden desks, and planning lessons and activities for my imaginary students. I was committed to be a teacher. In high school, I worked at a daycare during the school year, and during the summer created a camp for kids. In college, I started a preschool program in an orphanage in Mexico, and volunteered for a summer school in Jamaica. After graduating from ISU in 2014, I taught at Washington Middle school, 5th grade, for three years. Then in 2017 my husband, Clinton, and I brought our first son home from the hospital.

We decided that I would stay home with our first son, and now we are blessed with three boys, Reef (5), Arbor (3), and Kai (1). I occasionally sub in the Morton school district and at SouthSide Mission Christian Academy in Peoria.

To say teaching has always been a passion is an understatement. Now it is time for my first son to attend Kindergarten. I know the benefits of having my children in a school and social setting, but cautious of the way the public schools are headed. Enter in Solid Rock… to create a space for my children to get a great education with a Christian foundation. Best of both worlds!

~Maria Leman

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